Monday, December 27, 2010

Well this big elf had a wonderful time Christmas Eve! This my bil that is 6' 8". Someone actually found these Santa pants for him. OK so they end above the ankles but you get the idea. This was a nice evening with the exception of having to call for an ambulance for one of the older guests who was having trouble breathing. They came fast and were swift to get her to help. All is well. It was beautiful night celebrating Jesus' birth. I did not get to bed until 3.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Traditions

If this isn't obvious that this is the first time putting pictures in the blog, well ....
anyway in recent years it is my job to transport the elder members of the families to and fro. I love that even thought there are 5 of us, all of the in-laws genuinely care for each other. We are all invited to all Christmas parties and open houses. I try to hit them all within 48 hours. I do not have children so this is possible.

I love to see the joy and wonder on the kids faces. Many of the kids are coming back from college for visits and wild games are enjoyed by all. Family favorites last year were Buzz word, Electonic Clue and Electronic Monopoly. Pictionary is the all time winner! Christmas afternoon is usually movie and naptime for kids and adults. Santa usually brings a few new ones.
My brother-in-law is from Germany and many of his family members are in the area. They typically celebrate on Christmas Eve with a huge party with a full dinner. My favorite part is later in the evening when we sing Silent Night in German and English. I usually pack up the crew and travel to another in-laws house for their beautiful open house. Their dad takes the week off before Christmas and bakes something with each of his six children. The children get to pick whatever they want to make and they go shopping with him for the items. The kids are so proud to share their items at the open house.
Christmas morning is very quiet :). I get up travel to get the elders and head to their children's house's. Grandchildren that drive usually drive them back after the days activites. My friend Laura and her family invite me over in the late evening for dessert and coffee and to laugh at all of the days events. Church is emersed all this week. I love how it is all decorated. A very Merry Christmas to all.