Saturday, August 2, 2008

The first contact was made with the school to start the new school year. I am little grouchy that the children start before Labor day. I know that we will be getting the room ready so we begin early. I feel that kids are robbed of simple childhood "rights".
Learning to climb a tree, Making mudpies, learning to ride a bike, catching fireflies, or seeing fireflies, swimming for fun, and many other things. Of course some of the little bad things need to happen too like skinning a knee, mosquito bites, bee stings, and sunburns. They need those opportunities to grow on the inside. It is a fact that children are being raised without these experiences and are diffinitly feeling that they are missing something or that they are different. I drove by a daycare center the other day at 6:30 in the evening and there was a handful of children still there on the playground. That is too late. I could go on and on about overscheduled children or daycare dump children. I spoke with a young man the other day and I did speak up. I asked him what was his favorite thing he did this summer? "I got the new .... game and and got to such and such level." All he does is play video games at home by himself. Mom and dad think is fine because they can trust and know where he is all day while they are at work. What????!!!! Are they kidding!!! The computer is the parent, friend, and babysitter. This child has such a hardtime making friends summers are when he should be out with others learning how to be a friend.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


For the past two weeks I've been dealing with a rather painful infection. My doctor is not sure what is going on and is sending to the hospital for the test games. Luckily this past visit she finally gave a full dose of antibiotics to kill the whatever and hopefully the pain.
Any who.
I have been busy with the kids who went to my favorite city in the world the past weekend. It is Holland, Michigan. I spent time on those wonderful beaches growing up. I grew closer and still grow closer to God each time that I am there. If you have never been there it feels like you are at the ocean. But not with the rough waves and salty water. On my visits to a distant cousin I would work hard and play all in one day. Aunt Mary as I would call her taught me cooking, planting, pruning, painting, making hospital corners and stopping to reflect quietly as we watched the water. I think that she spoke to me about God when we watched the magnificent sunsets. I can't recall what she said but I remember being in His presence with her near me. When we fell asleep at night she was always mindful to pray. She woke up with such pep and joy as she readied herself for the day. Her day started with a quick run up to the local church for morning mass and a walk to the newspaper box with her wonderful dog. She always had plans for the day. On some visits we prepared homes for refuges that her church sponsored. Buying furniture, clothes, food, toys and books for the families. We would then deliver the items to the newly arrived family. Oh! How scared they were. I would be too. Most were Vietnamese. To her last breath they were a loving devoted community to her every need. I could go on and on but this is a place that I would love to live and do the same or some other mission. I have been blessed!

Friday, July 11, 2008

rainy summer

To my recollection this has been the most it has rained since~ well forever. It has rained almost ever day since spring. April was rather dry around here and then May hit and we have had rain almost every day. Last weekend was the driest. Two and a half days without rain. The grass has ruts from the mowers. This has got to be good for the farmers. But I am not sure.
Anyway. Safia has become quite the cookie chef. I have the ultimate cookie recipe book and she is making a cookie from it each week. She and her friend made a double batch last week and combined it to make 9 dozen. This school year the staff passed around a little cookie recipe book. Each week someone made a recipe from the book and brought it in for the staff to taste. They signed and dated the book. It was rather fun. I am having her and whoever is with her sign and date this book. It will hopefully become a nice memory book.
Hey vote for the best scrapbooking store in Detriot. I luv scrapbooking in Clawson.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Wow! It has been too long. The children I watch during the the summer holidays are going to help me to keep an updated blog. If I make them to work they can certainly keep me accountable. Today the kids and I are trying to find how to make a bird feeder using a pop bottle. This has become rather tricky. I have lost my camera so putting a picture up of the final project may be delayed.
Last night was the visitation for my friend Nancy's father. I have known this family for approximately twenty years. May and Doc are her parents and I was trying to figure out how many years they were married. I think it was at least 65 years! They were truly a couple that was in love. As May says, "There wasn't a mean bone in Doc's body!" He was such a wonderful person. Doc was also a former POW from WWII. That is a story I will have to write when I have all of the facts straight. I do know that there was a time when May was pregnant and a telegram came that Doc was missing in action. Which implies that he was missing dead. She gave birth and of course Doc did not know that he had a son. I can't imagine what they went through. They seem to have lived a life of not wanting to miss out on the important things and appreciation every moment. May is having a difficult time remembering and putting things together but this is traumatic.
Enjoy the breath and life that was given to you today!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Stephan Curtis Chapman

Okay new commitment to write often!
I am so sadden for the Chapman family. They have been struck with such tragedy. A family member accidentally hit their five year old daughter Maria in their driveway. Maria went home to Jesus soon after and I am sure in His glory. But as always it is the ones that are left behind that have such a great burden. Especially the family member. My prayer is for peace and healing for the family. Stephan Curtis Chapman's music has been a great comfort and redirection for my life. I can only think of his Cinderella song and tear up for that loss of a daughter. His website has some beautiful videos of this family and daughter. God has a testimony for us in this.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to School

Okay, I know the big complaint from people is that teachers have a lot of time off. REALLY!!! Let's look at my "vacation." I spent Thursday with a student because mother had purchased me to watch her for a day in the school auction. I worked everyday with students on school skills. They were not even my students but cool kids all the same. Tuesday I went to my college school for class because teachers need to continue going to school to keep their certificate. Trained for one of my spring/summer jobs because most teachers need to work during the summer. Now I am not stupid I realize that there are teachers who go on vacation and loaf around during the summer and on all these breaks but a majority of us are working all the time! We do have these breaks because most of the school would be absent visiting family. Some of the days that we held school close to a holiday more than 50% of the school was absent. Just like snow days we have complainers if hold school and complainers if we don't. There are real reasons for days off. Just please keep that in mind instead of complaining to somebody who is up most nights checking papers and making lessons plans. We do care!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter greetings

It is the Friday before Easter, Good Friday. I am looking outside at a sudden winter wonderland! I do happen to be one of those people that loves snow. Everything is quiet and clean. Frankly I think it may make it easier to look for the colorful eggs outside. Of course it could be tricky when they sink.
I grew up in a large family. I can not recall us each getting a basket for Easter. The family was lucky to share a large popcorn bowl filled with Easter grass and sugary treats. But there were specific items that we received like bubbles, jump ropes, chalk and coloring books. I was wondering what others received from the Easter bunny?