Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to School

Okay, I know the big complaint from people is that teachers have a lot of time off. REALLY!!! Let's look at my "vacation." I spent Thursday with a student because mother had purchased me to watch her for a day in the school auction. I worked everyday with students on school skills. They were not even my students but cool kids all the same. Tuesday I went to my college school for class because teachers need to continue going to school to keep their certificate. Trained for one of my spring/summer jobs because most teachers need to work during the summer. Now I am not stupid I realize that there are teachers who go on vacation and loaf around during the summer and on all these breaks but a majority of us are working all the time! We do have these breaks because most of the school would be absent visiting family. Some of the days that we held school close to a holiday more than 50% of the school was absent. Just like snow days we have complainers if hold school and complainers if we don't. There are real reasons for days off. Just please keep that in mind instead of complaining to somebody who is up most nights checking papers and making lessons plans. We do care!

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