Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trying again

Okay, so I finally am updating my blog. I haven't very dilegent because I forgot the password. It has recently occured to me how to retrieve it. So maybe I can get back in business. Change-up the site. I did finally join the facebook bandwagon and am not sold on it because of a few main factors. People try to friend you that you need to be cautious about. Some people are friends of others and you do not know well until they start leaving embarrassing and offending messages. I am glad others can not see exactly what I see. Mostly it is very time consuming. I also like to talk quite a bit so this really works better.
I have preschool classes every morning. There was very little interest for the afternoon class. Luckily my job has given me other options like stay with latchkey in the afternoon. I sub in the afternoons if a teacher is sick. I did that today for eight grade religion. Tricky to go from preschool to eighth so I try to use my strengths. I read them a book called 3 in 1. It is a great book about the trinity with an analogy to an apple. The core is like the Holy Spirit, flesh is like Jesus taking care or our needs and the skin is like God it protects us. They then had to draw a picture of another object with similar principles. It was neat what they came up with for their examples.
Well on another note the weather was awesome! A perfect picture of God's majesty and splendor!

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