Saturday, August 2, 2008

The first contact was made with the school to start the new school year. I am little grouchy that the children start before Labor day. I know that we will be getting the room ready so we begin early. I feel that kids are robbed of simple childhood "rights".
Learning to climb a tree, Making mudpies, learning to ride a bike, catching fireflies, or seeing fireflies, swimming for fun, and many other things. Of course some of the little bad things need to happen too like skinning a knee, mosquito bites, bee stings, and sunburns. They need those opportunities to grow on the inside. It is a fact that children are being raised without these experiences and are diffinitly feeling that they are missing something or that they are different. I drove by a daycare center the other day at 6:30 in the evening and there was a handful of children still there on the playground. That is too late. I could go on and on about overscheduled children or daycare dump children. I spoke with a young man the other day and I did speak up. I asked him what was his favorite thing he did this summer? "I got the new .... game and and got to such and such level." All he does is play video games at home by himself. Mom and dad think is fine because they can trust and know where he is all day while they are at work. What????!!!! Are they kidding!!! The computer is the parent, friend, and babysitter. This child has such a hardtime making friends summers are when he should be out with others learning how to be a friend.

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