Friday, July 11, 2008

rainy summer

To my recollection this has been the most it has rained since~ well forever. It has rained almost ever day since spring. April was rather dry around here and then May hit and we have had rain almost every day. Last weekend was the driest. Two and a half days without rain. The grass has ruts from the mowers. This has got to be good for the farmers. But I am not sure.
Anyway. Safia has become quite the cookie chef. I have the ultimate cookie recipe book and she is making a cookie from it each week. She and her friend made a double batch last week and combined it to make 9 dozen. This school year the staff passed around a little cookie recipe book. Each week someone made a recipe from the book and brought it in for the staff to taste. They signed and dated the book. It was rather fun. I am having her and whoever is with her sign and date this book. It will hopefully become a nice memory book.
Hey vote for the best scrapbooking store in Detriot. I luv scrapbooking in Clawson.

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