Wednesday, July 30, 2008


For the past two weeks I've been dealing with a rather painful infection. My doctor is not sure what is going on and is sending to the hospital for the test games. Luckily this past visit she finally gave a full dose of antibiotics to kill the whatever and hopefully the pain.
Any who.
I have been busy with the kids who went to my favorite city in the world the past weekend. It is Holland, Michigan. I spent time on those wonderful beaches growing up. I grew closer and still grow closer to God each time that I am there. If you have never been there it feels like you are at the ocean. But not with the rough waves and salty water. On my visits to a distant cousin I would work hard and play all in one day. Aunt Mary as I would call her taught me cooking, planting, pruning, painting, making hospital corners and stopping to reflect quietly as we watched the water. I think that she spoke to me about God when we watched the magnificent sunsets. I can't recall what she said but I remember being in His presence with her near me. When we fell asleep at night she was always mindful to pray. She woke up with such pep and joy as she readied herself for the day. Her day started with a quick run up to the local church for morning mass and a walk to the newspaper box with her wonderful dog. She always had plans for the day. On some visits we prepared homes for refuges that her church sponsored. Buying furniture, clothes, food, toys and books for the families. We would then deliver the items to the newly arrived family. Oh! How scared they were. I would be too. Most were Vietnamese. To her last breath they were a loving devoted community to her every need. I could go on and on but this is a place that I would love to live and do the same or some other mission. I have been blessed!

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